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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) isn’t necessarily a new discovery. Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have been using them for more than a decade to put on muscle, boost testosterone, and grow taller. It’s a safe and healthy alternative to using steroids or other questionable testosterone sources. Unlike those synthetic solutions, HGH is actually produced naturally within the body.

The body naturally produces HGH via the pituitary gland. It helps with cell regeneration, with bodily growth, and with various functions within the brain. The big problem is that the body slows down its production of Human Growth Hormone as you age.

Since the body stops producing the hormone at a certain age, people have been finding ways to boost its production via supplements, medications, and injections. One such product that claims to help is Growth Factor Plus. I have personally used this product and can attest to its effectiveness. In the following Growth Factor Plus review, we’ll look at what the product does, how it has worked for me, and how it has benefited thousands of customers across the globe.

My Growth Factor Plus Review

What Is GFP It Exactly?

Growth Factor Plus is a unique HGH supplement that comes in a pill form. It is marketed as a supplement that can increase height as well as joint support. Weight loss and muscle gain potential also come with the territory, but they don’t seem to focus on those areas when making claims. The blend of ingredients includes colostrum, L-Glycine, L-Glutamine, and L-Ornithine. Those names may not make much sense, but just know that they all play important roles in boosting growth.

Though you can receive a prescription for an HGH supplement from a doctor, this particular product is meant as an alternative to prescription HGH. It delivers the same powerful results, but without the extra cost and hassle associated with prescription medications. It also doesn’t require painful injections like some HGH sources.


How Does It Work?

Now, you might be wondering just how this growth hormone supplement actually works. It all comes down to the spine and how it affects our height. The length of the spinal column plays a very big role in determining just how tall we are. In general, a longer spine makes a taller person. It contributes to about 35 percent of a person’s height.

The spine is divided into 33 unique bone segments. These segments are referred to as vertebrae, which are all held together with a tough tissue called ligaments. The 9 lowest vertebrae are fused together into bones that are not movable. The 24 movable vertebrae make up the neck, chest, and loin areas.

The hormone doesn’t increase the size of the actual vertebrae, but rather the cartilage discs that are located between the vertebrae. By increasing the space between the bones, the overall length of the spinal column is increased. As the spine increases in length, you can increase in height. At the same time, the additional ingredients in the hormone contribute to healthier, stronger cartilage.

Cartilage Growth

Other Growth Factor Plus reviews I found on the internet while doing my research reveal one more area that is affected by the hormone: the knees. The cartilage that exists around the knee has the unique ability to thicken, grow, and remodel itself. The hormone thickens and strengthens that cartilage, which can provide a very subtle increase in height and a noticeable improvement to knee health.

Did you know that originally, most bones in the human body were actually just cartilage just like what is located in the knee or between spinal vertebrae? From the fetus phase and forward, the cartilage is slowly replaced with calcified bone. The ability to shape and form cartilage is not abnormal because it took place regularly in the body during this time.

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My Own Experience

I took the time to read plenty of Growth Factor Plus reviews before actually purchasing and using the product. This way I knew exactly what to expect and what was hype. From the reviews, I noticed some people complaining or reviewing negatively, but only because they weren’t seeing immediate results or massive gains in height.

I didn’t start using the product with expectations of immediate growth or of gaining six inches in height. Realistically I figured, at best, I could gain an inch or two within six months of using the product. I was pleasantly surprised. My first half an inch came within two months and then I gained another inch within three months of that. In total, I gained one and a half inches over the course of six months.

That may not seem like a huge gain, but it’s great considering that otherwise, I would never have gained that one and a half inch. There were also additional benefits that came from using the supplement, which is why I still use it today, despite not gaining any more height.


First, I noticed a substantial improvement in joint health after about one month of use. I jog or run on a daily basis so my joints can take quite a beating. This product reduced the pain I experienced, which led to me cutting back on my use of pain relieving medications. Less pain also resulted in less stress. Stress is a precursor for many unwanted health risks.

I felt that the hormone also helped me when I did manage to hurt myself. I healed faster and was able to get back outside without missing a week of exercise.

Finally, I noticed a trade-off between fat and muscle, which I still experience today. Many Growth Factor Plus Reviews agree on this one aspect. It might not be marketed as a “weight loss” product, but it certainly helps. At the same time, if you are exercising on a regular basis, it helps increase muscle strength.

Final Thoughts

Growth Factor Plus is a great product as long as you start using it with real expectations. It can help you add a couple of inches, but you aren’t going to gain half a foot in height. While gaining height you can also expect to lose visceral fat and put on muscle mass if you exercise regularly.

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An In-Depth Growth Factor Plus Review

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